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DEEP END Lyrics: : / You left my heart in pieces / Took your chances with treason / Baby give me your reasons / I'm drowning in the deep end / You left my heart in pieces / Took your chances with"The Deep End" lyrics. Scary Kids Scaring Kids Lyrics "The Deep End" And don't tell me, I'm afraid of waking up alone But it's waking up to find you've gone Well you make it clear I had my chances Only one way left to go So I'll follow it down She goes straight, Straight for the deep endAug 27, 2020 · Deep End By Jaden. I wish you loved me like your cell phone. My flight just landed but the airport’s closed. I got a car that drives itself, though. Ask me where we’re going and I really don’t know. Ooh-ahh, in my dreams we takin’ flight, oh. Zero gravity, wait till the lights get low. You’re in my room but we’re in space though.