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May 24, 2016 · Smith gets a direct name check at the end and it is none too flattering. (Read the review for more on the film). The Tories have escaped largely unscathed because some of the more outrageous procedures introduced under Duncan Smith, and superbly highlighted in this film, have been discredited and abandoned. wordnet_activity_100407535 # training instances: 55953 # testing instances: 10915 # true positives: 9898 # false positives: 997 # false negatives: 1017 precision: 0.9084901330885727 -- DSA 0x2A0F80F3: 39F3 4E10 9BE9 E728 A9EE 029C D51D EE53 2A0F 80F3 From christian at amnet.net.au Wed Apr 3 10:44:59 2002 From: christian at amnet.net.au (Christian) Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 10:44:59 +0800 Subject: [plug] auto-login In-Reply-To: [email protected]>; from [email protected] on Tue, Apr 02 ...