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Jan 04, 2015 · Like death and taxes, jury duty is one of those things most New Yorkers can’t dodge — though many make an art of trying. In any given year, 450,000 people can get called to serve on state and ... Aug 08, 2013 · I can wait till after Jury duty to this, or I could try and get my doc to give me a note, but I don't want to get labeled as having a disability or anything. I also didn't know if you get a note from a doc and use it for jury excuse, if that will now be on file with the county or state, and could come back to you as being "disabled" when you do ... MEDICAL EXCUSE FROM JURY DUTY BASED ON SERIOUS HEALTH CONDITION _____ _____ Patient Name Date of Birth Patient Address Scheduled to appear for jury duty on: _____ PATIENTS SHOULD COMPLETE THE ABOVE SECTION, THEN ASK THEIR DOCTOR TO COMPLETE BELOW.The first time I went to jury duty after my IP, it occurred to me after I had checked in that my cathing schedule would be a problem. I went to the administrator and explained my concern. She excused me for that day and told me to have the doctor write a letter stating my condition (and that it is a PERMANENT medical condition).