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»terraform_remote_state The terraform_remote_state data source retrieves the root module output values saved as part of the latest state snapshot from the remote backend for some other Terraform configuration.. This can be a convenient way to make use of data already generated by another Terraform configuration without publishing it explicitly elsewhere, but it's important to note that output ...azurerm_key_vault resource; azurerm_key_vault_key resource; azurerm_key_vault_keys resource; azurerm_key_vault_secret resource; azurerm_key_vault_secrets resource; azurerm_key_vaults resource; azurerm_load_balancer resource; azurerm_load_balancers resource; azurerm_locks resource; azurerm_management_group resource; azurerm_management_groups ... Terraform will only output the secret ID and version. If you need to retrieve azure keyvault secrets, the best method is to use the Azure-CLI, or Powershell if that's not available. Using Azure-CLI (2.0) az keyvault secret show --vault-name <vault-name> --name <secret-name>